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User Testing

Good Research, Testing Methods, and Resources - Checklist collection of best design practices

Coblis - Color blindness simulator, tests color blindness for uploaded images

Colorblind Web Page Filter - Use to select safe colors earlier in the design process. Learn more about colorblindness in this Wikipedia entry

Finding Users to Test

General User-Testing

BetaBound - Free and testing is sorted by device and product type. Read more about how to best structure your product for BetaBound beta testing on the Developer FAQ

BetaPage - Free and paid options. You can submit products and startups for user feedback. If you sign up with LinkedIn you get more exposure

Beta Testers Hub - Free. More for startups who seek early adopters, and listings should offer some incentive (monetary or otherwise). Startups are listed as “trending” in the first 24 hours

Google Forms - Construct your questions to send to users in a quick Google form. Has “Responses” section that visualizes the response data for each question

HelloZest - Free. Quickly screen-record with audio online, has easily send-able link

r/BetaTesting Subreddit - General beta-testing

UsabilityHub’s 5-Second Tests - Free and fast test creation (requires account). Optimize clarity of designs by measuring people’s recall and first impressions. View an example here

Mobile User-Testing

BetaFamily - Testing for mobile apps. Free up to 1 listing. Other pricing tiers are $49/mos for 3 listings, and $399/mos for 10 listings

r/alphaandbetausers Subreddit - Mainly for app and web developers

r/AndroidAppTesters Subreddit - Mainly for android app developers

r/iOSBetaTesters Subreddit - Mainly for iOS app developers

r/TestMyApp Subreddit - Mainly for app developers

Be a Product Tester

Userbrain - Get paid to be a product tester, or pay $30/mos (or $20 as a monthly subscriber) to find users to test

Usercrowd - Participate in quick design surveys, help make products better, and get paid doing it