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Contrary to popular belief, you can have "incomplete" projects on your portfolio (especially if you are looking for projects to feature). Meaning that if your focus is a specific part of a larger project— for example, the form validation of a login page— you don't need to develop the entire login process. Just make sure you are thorough with your explanation and documentation of the specific part of the project you are focusing on. A thorough but incomplete project is better than a half-assed "complete" one.’s Portfolio Template - Research-backed template, UXfolio discussed with 37 recruiters and multiple UX leaders. Below is a tldr; of good requirements. Projects should fit your future employers’ needs/ personal preferences, and should showcase your design process/ decisions. Don't just feature the final UI.

Cofolios - Case studies and portfolios from interns at top tech companies

Common Case Study Layouts

Case study with 4 sections

  • Intro and problem - Audience needs
  • Research - Research and brainstorm
  • Development - How you solved your problem, what approaches you took
  • Solution - How your product solves your audience's needs, how it can further be developed

Case study with 7 sections

  • Intro
  • Background
  • Audience
  • Research
  • Development
  • Solution
  • Application

Case study with 5 sections

  • Intro
  • Challenge
  • Team and your role
  • Step-by-step design process
  • Share learning/ application

Resume Tips

21 Resumes from Case Study Club - Really great examples of successful resumes, with takeaways towards end of article

CareerFoundry - Very straightforward tips and guides ‘s Guide - Has a fantastic step-by-step guide on how to write a UI/UX resume. Below is a tldr;