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Learning UX Online

YouTube Channels

AJ&Smart - German product design and innovation studio. Uploads new videos weekly about product design, ux design, design sprints, etc.

Caler Edwards - Provides UX examples and industry updates for Adobe XD. Also posts tutorials, speed arts, and challenges

Charisma on Command - Tips for interpersonal communication. Not really UX-related, but helpful

InVision - Talks about InVision but also about industry tidbits with featured speakers

Jesse Showalter - Designs live on youtube, explains how to use different software, good design practices, tips, and advice

Mayuko - Life and coding and tech, Less related to UX but she’s really cool

Sarah Doody - Portfolio reviews, step-by-step guides, tutorials, best practices, discussions

The Futur - Good for general design, freelance tips, client communication tips

UI Secrets: Design Triggers - By Sagi Shrieber, CEO of Contrast, ex-UI/UX lead of Fiverr, and mentor at Google Launchpad breaks down design principles and techniques to be aware of

Online Classes, Bootcamps, Courses

Coursera - Most are 7 days free, then paid

Daily UI - Free series of daily design challenges and design inspiration for personal practice

Degreeless Design - Free information for for budding UX, UI, Interaction designers

EdX Design - Good to audit courses for free, certificates cost money (average $135)

General Assembly - Online Part time, Full time Online Courses. UX Design Immersive, Software Engineering Immersive, Data Science, Front End Web Dev, Data Analytics, Product Management with some free classes

IDEOU - Certificate, cohort (students in the same learning group), and self-paced for Design Thinking. Human-centered approach.

KreativePro Digital Masterclass - Learn UI/UX, Webflow, Craft CMS, Video and Marketing basics

Product School - Product Management Classes

Sharpen - Free design challenge generator for graphic design, UX, branding, etc.

Start UX Design - Free self-guided class to help you take your first steps into digital product design

Students who Design - Free 3 week product design course

Uxcel - Free UI/UX foundations & best practices. Learning companion tool. Theme-based lessons, which take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to complete