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Common Software & Plugins

Prototyping Softwares

Adobe XD

  • Free, Pro is $10/mos
  • Good for personal use
  • Free up to 2GB cloud storage, some space and font limits
  • Not good for teamworking in real-time (have to port changes)
  • Great for prototyping
  • Can prototype with AdobeXD phone app on Google Play and App Store
  • Easy public sharing
  • Can be cloud-based but
    also has desktop app
  • PC or Mac

Axure RP 9 (Axure)

  • Good for prototyping
  • Free 30-day trial,
    then $29/mos
  • Steep learning curve
  • Can be cloud-based but
    also has desktop app
  • PC or Mac


  • 30 day free trial
  • Highly Convenient
  • Rapid online prototyping
  • Ready-made components
  • Can be cloud-based but
    also has desktop app
  • PC or Mac


  • Free
  • Instantaneous live-changes in real time
  • Great for collaboration
  • Not so good with interactions in prototyping
  • Hard to navigate/classify projects on the desktop app
  • Easy sharing for public access
  • Can be cloud-based but
    also has desktop app
  • PC or Mac


  • Many companies in Silicon Valley use this.
  • Meant for teams, costs money
  • Rapid prototyping, testing and handoff, user testing


  • Great for very pixel-perfect detailed layouts, but XD is probably still better
  • PC or Mac

SketchApp (Sketch)

  • Only available on MacOS Mojave (10.14.4) or newer
  • $50 one-time-fee for students. Interface isn’t as clean as Figma/XD


  • Free for students (after signing up for a free trial and emailing the support your student ID
  • Free trial for 14 days, then lowest is $19/mos for basic
  • Need phone # to sign up
  • Can be cloud-based but
    also has desktop app
  • PC or Mac

Cool Plugins

Artboard Studio - Free plan, also a $15 membership plan. Add embedded mockups to your file. Good in Figma

Behance - Allows you to select artboards from Adobe XD and share on your Behance portfolio as a work in progress. Other Behance users can see, share, reply to, and add reactions to your work

Iconify - Search for and add icons to your prototype. Saved me a couple searches for open source cursor and sandwich-menu icons. Available for Figma and Sketch, and also for front-end web!

Pattern Maker - Create seamless tile that can be used in a repeatable grid cell in Adobe XD

UI Faces - Adobe XD allows open-source images of people, searchable with parameters. For AdobeXD, Figma, and Sketch

UnDraw - Easily add in UnDraw illustrations (free, no attribution needed) in Adobe XD

Unsplash - Easily search and embed open-source high quality photos into your wireframes. For AdobeXD and Figma

UserTesting - Select an audience and set up a prototype, mockup, or a blank template for user testing. Need to login using your UserTesting account. Free for 14 days and available on Adobe XD

Vectary 3D - Embed and generate 3d renderings of your screen mockups

Useful Sources

Research Tools Map - Best user research tools to find gaps and overlaps in your stack