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Not Recommended

Reading Materials

Online Readings and Articles

Booklets - Hundreds of booklets on design, business, freelancing & more

Design Modo - Articles, tutorials and industry news about trends and techniques

Fast Company’s UX Tag

Interaction Design Foundation - Good for industry news

Medium - Industry news and trends, with very infrequent posts. Fast Company is mainly a design and business journal with high factual reporting* from Media Bias/Fact Check

Nielsen Norman Group - Good for industry news

Optimizely Glossary - Engineering, product and marketing glossary

Smashing Magazine - Good for front-end web design and development - UX resources, learn how to improve user experiences

UX Movement - Don’t really like their interface but there are some good articles

UX Passion - Good for industry news

UX Trends - Trends report

Neat Books

Don’t Make Me Think (3rd Edition) - Human–computer interaction, web usability, UX design, and content strategy. Highly acclaimed. By Steve Krug

Human Computer Interaction (3rd edition download) - Discusses HCI, interaction design, and usability. Tips to design on usable computing devices. Ongoing development of the 4th edition book can be found at this this website. By Alan Dix et al.

Information Architecture for the Web and Beyond - by Louis Rosenfeld, Peter Morville, Jorge Arango

The Design of Everyday Things - How design allows users and objects/products to communicate, how to optimize that communication, and how to create good user experiences. By Don Norman

Understanding Your Users - User requirements, methods, tools, and techniques. By Catherine Courage & Kathy Baxter