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UX & Design Communities

UX Online Communities

Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) - Online meetup groups, mentors, and literature resources

r/UserExperience Subreddit - Joinable by anyone with a Reddit account. Anonymous discussions, feedback, tips and tricks, anything related to UX. Frequent posts, with 64.0k members

South Bay UX - Infrequent meetings. Slack Channel here

Thinkful - Frequent events, More on the techy-side

UX Eye - Major events are speaker events, infrequent meetings, about once a month. Connects UX Designers with developers in the bay

UX Wizards of the South Bay - Good community with welcoming people. Meets up roughly once a week over zoom to work on personal projects and chat

LinkedIn Groups

Most of these groups aren’t posted in frequently, but most have posts every couple of hours.

Design Thinking Group - Curated content, discussions

Interaction Design Association - first global professional organization devoted exclusively to the needs of interaction design practitioners and the growing discipline of interaction design. UX industry tips and news

UI/UX User Experience Interactive Designer / Wireframes - Job postings, discussion, frequent posts

User Experience - for UX Designers to expand their network of people and ideas, posts infrequently

User Experience Design (UX) - UX Designers, Product Designers, Interaction Designers, Usability Specialists, UX Researchers and other professionals can share links, discussions and job opportunities

Non UX-Specific Design Groups

Bridgegood Portfolio Creator - Join here. Nonprofit organization that prepares Designers of Color for tech jobs and meaningful design careers. Supported by, Golden State Warriors, and 9,000+ student Creatives created a free portfolio on; allows students to receive donations and attend exclusive design/tech events through their platform.

DesignBuddies Discord Server - Join here. For creatives from all walks of design. Meet new design friends, socialize, discuss design topics, attend occasional lecture events, join the book club! Demographic: younger people (but very accepting for anyone)

Design X Slack Group - Join here. Over 5000+ designers & leaders. Global community, conference talks, and reports

Designers Guild Facebook Group - more serious advice, job postings, feedback. Demographic: Older, seasoned professionals

Designerslack Community Community Finder - Find design communities in your area!

Hexagon UX Slack group - Join here. non-profit aimed to empower and support womxn and non-binary folx in UX. Created to combat gender gap in UX

ACN: UX Facebook Group - Demographic: Asian creatives currently (or wanting to) work with UX design

Asian Creative Network Facebook Groups - created by Asian Creatives, but open to everyone. People share lots of their own work (good for inspiration and for following new creatives). Demographic: primarily asian creatives, young adults to middle aged

Additional Notes

Although many groups may cater to certain demographics, all listed groups are welcoming of everyone.